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Discover how to create and sell
your information so you can travel
the world and make money in your sleep with the Lady Boss Academy!

Learn step-by-step how to create the business and life you love!

lady boss academy product imageThe Lady Boss Academy is an online training program for you if:

  • You are an expert who wants to share your message & get clients online
  • You want to create and/or sell a digital information product
  • You want a clear & concise plan that gets you results

You are wondering:

  • How can I make an income with my expertise?
  • How can I turn my advice and everyday solutions into a business?
  • How can I make an income while traveling the world?
  • How can I spread my message to others around the world?

Let’s face it. People look to you as an expert because you have information that can improve their lives.

You have answers to their questions and solutions to their problems but you don’t always have a ton of time to share it with people on a one-on-one basis.

Time is your most valuable commodity.

By creating a digital course, I have been able to serve people in over 20 countries while traveling! Yet, the only thing that changed was the way I was sharing my message- not the message itself.

That is why I created the Lady  Boss Academy! This course will help you create the freedom you have always wanted while sharing your message online~like a boss of course.

Share your message & expertise the smart way. Make sales over and over again for work you did once. Here's how:

  • Create ONE information product and sell it for $997.
  • Sell 8-9 courses a month.
  • That breaks down to 2-3 sales a week.
  • Do that consistently with the strategies I will show you and you have a 6 figure income!

Even more reasons to share your message online:

  • Package your expertise to increase your impact and your income
  • Create a course once that sells over and over again- in your sleep
  • Increase your reach by having products in different price ranges (Appeal to more customers!)
  • Give your coaching clients more ways to work with you by providing a lower end product to sample your training with
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers by providing more products to serve them
  • Create the freedom and lifestyle you have always desired!

Learn what it takes to make sales in your sleep:

Get results faster and better than anyone else

I can help you eliminate the frustration and overwhelm of online marketing by teaching you 5 key areas that have the most impact in your business.

Your customers are online and looking for you! It's time that you package your information so that you can serve them and live your dream life.

But the problem is that most experts are not packaging or promoting themselves with strategies that work and it is actually hurting their business.

The Lady Boss Academy:

An online training program to help you turn your advise and expertise into an online business that gives you the freedom to live your life by design.

The Lady Boss Academy is a 100% online training program. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with all of the training videos, bonuses and the workbooks.

This online training program is for:

  • -Experts: Authors, Online Marketers, Speakers, Seminar Leaders, Coaches, & More!
  • -Experts who want to create & sell digital information products like a boss
  • -Lady bosses who are overwhelmed by marketing strategies and want a clear & concise plan that will get them results
  • -Entrepreneurs who are not very "techy" and want someone to show them how to implement strategies step-by-step
  • -Leaders who are interested in doing more in less time

Here's what this product does for you...

  • Module 1: Prioritize in your business with these amazing training videos

    Fundamentals: How to turn your passions into profits. Set a vision and learn how to create a business strategy.
    Creating a lifestyle business 101. Learn how to choose your niche, create a client avatar, & identify your ideal audience.
    Website/Branding like a boss. Learn what the most important parts of your website are and how to brand them to connect with your ideal customers.
    Email Marketing/List Building. Learn to expand your influence by building your list. With these simple to implement strategies you will stop fearing email marketing.
    Hosting Online Workshops/Webinars. Learn to host online workshops so that you can be location independent. More webinars=more freedom.

  • Module 2: Discover how you will design a business to support the life you love with these amazing videos

    Successful Sales Funnels. Learn how to turn fans into customers and make more sales with these easy to implement strategies.
    Facebook for Lifestyle Businesses. Learn how to brand yourself on the #1 social platform in the world.
    Copywriting that converts. Share your message with ease and learn what your ideal customer wants. They will think you can read minds!
    Traffic Generation. Learn how to get more people to your website in less time. You don’t want to be the industry’s best kept secret. That is why I am going to show you how to crush it with Facebook advertising without breaking the bank.

  • Module 3: Monetize your expertise with these amazing videos

    High Performance Training. Do more in less time while achieving your goals with these proven strategies. Burn out can kill your business. Learn how to avoid it.
    How to travel while running your business. Learn how to manage your projects and what it’s like to live overseas so that you can enjoy your freedom with ease.
    How to create a digital course. Learn how to package your information so that you can have more freedom to do what you love.
    How to create a sales page that converts. Learn the anatomy of a sales page so that you can easily present your digital courses to your customers.
    Lifestyle Business 12 month promotional calendar. Plan out the upcoming year without feeling overwhelm. Design your business so that you can design your life.

  • BONUS - 2 Complimentary tickets to the Lady Boss Academy Live Cruise 2015

    2 VIP tickets to the Lady Boss Academy Live event. Bring a friend (male or female) and enjoy the fabulous training amidst beautiful water, sunny skies, and amazing lady bosses.

    *Travel costs and cruise fees are not included.


  • BONUS - Exclusive Facebook Group

    Join the supportive Facebook Group where the Lady Boss Academy Founder is extremely active and gives feedback to awesome lady bosses who are taking action and need an extra pair of eyes to check out their progress.

  • BONUS - “Techy" tutorials:

    Learn how to implement the strategies taught so that you can run your information product business without feeling lost or confused.

Learn proven strategies from an Award-Winning Online Marketer so that you too can share your message with the world and make sales in your sales or while you travel the world!

Who Is Ilean Harris?

ilean edited

Hi there, Ilean Harris (your favorite lady boss) here!

As your trainer I will show you exactly how I have built a 6 figure income while traveling the world and how you can do the same.

I practice what I preach. With multiple digital courses myself selling in both Spanish & English in over 20 countries, I can show you how to build a list/community, turn fans into raving customers, & create a course that people love.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with all the business savvy things I learned while getting my MBA in Management & Marketing. I’ll focus on showing exactly what works and how you can do it too without any overwhelm.

I was humbled & honored to receive the 2014 Information Products Leader Award by Women in E-Commerce. Not surprisingly, the real honor comes from serving entrepreneurs just like you on how to successfully take take their lives and businesses to the next level.

Life wasn’t always inspiring and fun, living in Miami Beach, or spending the summer in the Dominican Republic while doubling my sales.

I know firsthand how much faster success can happen with the right tools and proven strategies.

Instead of letting years filled with tears & trial-n-error pass you by, get the support and guidance you need to create the freedom and life you have always wanted.

I can help you spread your message, monetize your information, and make an income while you sleep or while you travel the world.

Check out my results here:

results with edge

I can teach you the exact system I am using to create digital courses and sell them like a lady boss around the world so that you too can have the knowledge to get emails like this and enjoy your cell phone battery draining from all the PayPal notifications (best problem ever).

Ready to learn how to flood your email with results too?

Paying It Forward

A portion of all purchase proceeds will be donated to help women and children around the world, create opportunities to help women advance their education, and provide resources for children in developing countries

Not only can you change the course of your life with the amazing training you will receive but you will also make a positive impact on the lives of women and children who are less fortunate.

My lifestyle business


Courtney T.

OMG your program is working like no other! After getting 100 new leads the first 15 minutes of posting on Facebook, 3 new clients (one is in the Cayman Islands), and getting ready to launch my course by the end of the month- I’m in shock.

Not only did I earn back my investment in under 3 weeks, but I made a profit on top of it. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Courtney T.

How do I get started and how much does it cost?

Creating an information product business is not something that you want to do all by yourself.

It can cost you time (months or even years), money (tens of thousands), and a lot of energy to do so.

It is much more efficient to save your resources for what matters most- family, travel, and your life. Do what works so that you can live in a way that works for you!

You can join the Lady Boss Academy for only $197 a month for 12 months.

Yes, you will have access to the entire library of training immediately with your first payment.

All you have to do to get started is....

Choose which payment option works best for you:
One time payment of $1997 (savings of $367) OR 12 monthly payments of $197.

Signup Today!

For A Limited Time Take Advantage of Our Special Launch Price

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Recap: What's Included?

  • 15+ online training videos that will knock your socks off
  • Fill in the blank worksheets to help you follow along in the training
  • 15+ workbooks to help you process the training and take action without overwhelm
  • Facebook Group for support & feedback
  • 2 Complimentary Tickets to Live Training Event
Helena B.

I LOVE the Lady Boss Academy SO MUCH!!! To me, it fills in all the gaps that other programs like this don’t have. Just listening to Ilean’s encouraging voice makes me feel like everything is possible. Worth every penny and MORE. As I work with more moms, I will definitely recommend this academy to them.

Helena B.
Buy Now For Only $1,997

Or Take Advantage of Our Special Payment Plan

Click Here For 12 Easy Payments of Just $197
Linda M.

Working with Ilean has been the best. It’s as if she couldn’t give enough. I’m leaving with knowledge that would’ve taken me years to do on my own. I’m confident now.

Linda M.
Staci Ann

I’m stubborn, and I don’t like to ask for help. But I am so glad I reached out to Ilean Harris for help with my webinar. Her insights and coaching were phenomenal. With her help, I’ve created the best webinar ever in my 3+ years in my online business. If you need help with creating a webinar, Ilean is your go-to lady!

Staci Ann
Kris W.

The professionalism, the care, and the patience that went into what Ilean did for me has been absolutely amazing. Ilean is the ultimate lady boss.

Kris W.


Q: How you are going to learn:

A: Your training will be released in monthly modules within the members only website.

Q: Do I get access to the entire course instantly with my monthly payments of $197 for 12 months?

A. Yup. I want you to succeed and have all the information at your fingertips.

Q: Can I get all the modules at once?

A. Yes! Crazy huh? All that value at once? Well we did it so that whether you are a beginner or advanced, you have access to the parts of the course you are most eager to learn from.

Q: Can I complete the course at my pace?

A: Yes of course! I know that lady bosses tend to wear many hats and juggle a lot of responsibilities. That is why you can re-take the program as much as you’d like and the materials provided are yours to keep.

Q. What if I need help or have questions?

A. We have a very supportive Facebook group where the founder, Ilean Harris, is extremely active and is known to give great feedback.

Q. Can I buy portions of the course separately?

No. The Lady Boss Academy is meant to be experienced in it’s entirety. You can only purchase the course in full. Remember that you can also take advantage of our flexible payment plan.

Q. Will I get anything in the mail?

A. No. The Lady Boss Academy is 100% digital. After your first payment of $197, you will have access to the entire course.

Q. May my guest (aka +1) to the Lady Boss Academy be a male?

A. Yes! You may bring whoever you wish to the Lady Boss Academy Live event. However, please note that the event will be tailored for women who are looking to create success online.